The European Union will not investigate the sale of the Formula 1


for months, the European Union evaluated to investigate the Formula 1 following the complaints of Force India and Sauber, who have a deal with anti-competitive to smaller clubs in the division money each season. This request was advancing procedures with the support of Anneliese Dodds, a member of the Labour Party in the European Parliament. Dodds added to the claim two points, relating to the tax agreement of the Formula 1 with the government of the United Kingdom and the sale of the Formula to Liberty Media.

In this latter case, Dodds said that the regulator of the sale would have received a profit of close to $ 80 million, and that this could pose a conflict of interest. However, the claim of Dodds in that sense has fallen on deaf ears this Monday, after that Margrethe Vestager, the European Commissioner for Competition, has informed Dodds that does not have the power to investigate, or authorize the sale of the category. Vestager, even so, has not denied that the category may be subjected to an investigation by the complaints in the field of competition, or the tax treatment.

After this manifesto, Dodds has stated that not desist in their actions, and that will continue to ensure that the European Union carry out an investigation in the two processes are still in evaluation, stating that harm well to the industrial fabric of the central area of the United Kingdom, and that could cost many jobs

“In response to a letter that has sent me, the European Commission has clarified his inability to decide on the acquisition of the Formula 1 by Liberty Media. Anyway, there are still serious questions to be answered about the award unjust monetary awards in the sport. The current system poses a severe disadvantage for the smaller teams, and gives a large part of the money to the big teams, regardless of where they finish on the grill. I will continue raising my concerns competitive with the European Commission, and I will continue to pursue a full monitoring of the complaints issued to the Commission by Sauber and Force India. In my constituency, we have seen three cases of teams that have suffered by what they perceive as an unfair competition in the sport, being Manor Racing is the last team in close. If we do not act now, more will follow. This could have an impact very disturbing in the work of highly skilled engineering in my constituency and in the Midlands”.

In turn, Dodds considers that “any preferential treatment that will reduce the tax burden of one company is a help of the state”, and, if it is demonstrated that the agreement violates the rules of competition, expect the british government to raise the money that you will adeudaría. According to the journalist Joe Seward, the debt would be borne by Liberty Media, if not on the former owners, the conglomerate CVC.