The European Union will propose changes in the rules of homologation of cars

Volkswagen 2.0 TDI BlueMotion

Just a few months after that came to light the scandal of the emissions of the engines of Volkswagen, much has been written and spoken about the possibility of a change in european law that affects everything related to the type approval of new vehicles. Something that very soon could be a reality.

After the dieselgate there are pressures on the European Commission to strengthen systems of type approval

Before you continue with the information that comes to us from Reuters, I would like to recall an article from my colleague Javier Costas in which he commented that the Euro 6 legislation is already wet paper. A note very interesting to us in front of the new picture that is coming in the old continent. And is that has already been leaked a first draft of a proposal for the change in the regulations of type approval car.

¿The purpose? To avoid a scandal such as the “dieselgate” re-occur in the old continent. While noting that it will be the beginning of a long debate, all indications are that we are heading towards a scenario in which the rules must adapt to the situation of the market and its pace of evolution. In this draft it is stated that the European Union will have to “to supervise the national agencies responsible currently the type approval of new vehicles”.


One of the first options that the deck (and was sung) is the implementation of a whole series of fines for those agencies that fail to comply with the new regulations.

The member states will be able to “re-accredit” cars already approved

In this draft also highlights a very interesting point, and that is that it would give power to any member state of the EU to re-homologate a car that has already been approved previously by any other state of the union. One way of improving the image of the approvals of cars towards the public of the old continent. And that is that no one can deny that today, many customers are wary (and rightly so) on the basis of current both emissions and consumption. A debate deeply rooted in the industry since the consumption of cars will be a key determinant of purchase.

To date, the German organization KBA had the power to approve new cars despite being sold across the EU. It is a debate that has only just started and already see it as the automotive industries as the british already try to to bring the ember to your sardine.