The eventful life of the Dodge Charger 1969 “General Lee” (with video)

This is the most common image of the General.

In not a few instances, a vehicle can get to be the star of a movie or a television series, and share on-screen as much or more time than any of the protagonists of the same. One of the main protagonists of the series “Dukes of Hazzard’s” was no other than the eye-catching Dodge Charger 1969, which received the nickname “The General Lee”, the Charger’s most recognized and imitated of all time.

With his shrill body orange, with the confederate flag on the roof and the number “01” on the doors, that the vast majority of the times they were welded and that’s why they should always get the protagonists out of the windows, the “General Lee” spent a great part of the series on the screen. Usually in any persecution, that used to end in a jump.

Although the lcd is not what it seems, the normal thing is that the vehicles used do not survive those jumps, more than 150 in the entire series, hence that were being used in literally hundreds of vehicles, which the permanent staff of mechanics who worked on the series were trying constantly to bring back to life and prepare for the following scenes.

The protagonists of the original series. One of the few images that it sees an open door of the car.

For the jumps, were prepared in the filming of two ramps, which on many occasions were not all so well-concealed that it was intended and as is usually used to be jumping very high and long, to prevent the vehicle to lose balance in the air and was off sharply from the head by the weight of the engine, is introduced between 200 and 450 kilos of counterweight in the trunk.

vehicles used for the highest waterfalls were immediately removed, since the structural damage was considerable. At the end of the article you can see in the video all jumps of the General Lee.

The production of the series required more than 300 different vehicles in order to give life to the General Lee. In some cases, were Charger 1968 model conveniently made up to look like the genuine and at seasons end they had to hire from miniatures to old shots of previous jumps. As we can see in the pictures, arrived on the set trailers loaded for the necessary vehicles, both the Charger as a vehicle patrol that were involved in the vast majority of the persecutions.

A scene very common during the filming of the series.

it is Not known the exact number, but at least 75 of the Charger 1969 ended up almost entire in the scrapping. In 2001, one of these was found by two collectors and it turned out to be the General Lee in the original, first of all, and that he had participated in the first episode. Once restored, was auctioned off for $ 110,000.

During the making of the series, the fame of General Lee, was such, that he received as 35,000 letters of fans on a monthly basis. We doubt if the fans who wrote letters to the Charger waited for a response, but many of them were referred to the obvious differences that showed the different units of the General Lee, and not only between different episodes, as in each one of them should be used several different copies.

throughout the filming of the series were several companies that were responsible for the manufacture and maintenance of the many General Lee employees, but starting in 1983, he was the own Warner Bros that took care of this task. And it was not until then that were established a few specifications of design, both internal and external, for all the General Lee, that in some episodes even looked interior colors different.


it Is said that there were about 335 different vehicles that gave life to the General Lee.

As a curiosity, the orange color of the body was not belonging to the catalog Dodge, but of his rival General Motors, orange “Flame Red” belonging to the color palette of the Corvette.

Although for many fans the General Lee was a Charger R/T equipped with the venerable HEMI engine 426 7.0-liter displacement, however, the higher price of these versions would have raised the production, so that neither had the finishing R/T or told never with the Hemi 426 430 HP (425 hp).

In place, told with the V8 engines 318, V8 383 and even the V8 440 Magnum, with power of 233 PS (230 hp), 294 HP (290 hp) and 380 HP (375 hp). The units that were used for the scenes on two wheels rode the younger of them, the V8 318 5.2 liter because of the lower weight, and those in the engine bay appeared in the foreground, mounted the option V8 383 6.3-liter.

Its decoration has been widely imitated. This is a recreation, like the image that heads the article.

Currently are only known for about 17 copies survivors of the General Lee, although there are a huge number of copies of the Charger transformed by their owners to mimic the well-known “General”, named for the confederate general Robert E. Lee.