The ex-Stig from TopGear, a Range Rover Sport and 15 km of downhill extreme video

Descenso de Ben Collins en un Range Rover SportWhat we see on all sides, in tv ads, billboards, radio spots, etc., The brands, engaged in the industry that is engaged in, attempt to call our attention be that as it may, even with things that are somewhat absurd in many cases. In the automotive sector, it is common to see an ad on tv a car jumping buildings, to cite some examples, or doing any other shit, unreal. With this video of the Range Rover Sport, something similar happens, although here yes is tested the capabilities of a product.

You will be with me in that anyone who buy a Range Rover Sport you will use it for this, to descend by pronunciadísimas slopes and ski slopes with a terrain that is very broken, much less trying to beat the timer in this decline. But advertising is advertising, and the british company shows us this Spot where Ben Collins, the former Stig TopGear, descends during 15 miles through some very complicated situations at the controls of a Range Rover at 21 minutes and 36 seconds.

The model used is the Range Rover Sport version V8 510 hp, to which was added a roll cage for safety measures and a tire-specific because, as we said and as we have seen in the video, the conditions of this test were extreme. At some points the inclination of this track is located in The Alps was 75 %. On the other hand, the maximum speed recorded on this spectacular descent by the model driven by Ben Collins is nothing less than 155 km/h. Scary thought alone.

As we said a few lines above, “publicity is publicity”. It is worth to you that no customer of a Range Rover Sport go to make a descent as well at the wheel of his vehicle, but the british brand with this video demonstrates what can be able to your vehicle carried to the limit in some expert hands; which will increase the urge to purchase for a client who may be considering the purchase of a new vehicle.

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