The excuse of the “group of engineers” Volkswagen may drop by their own weight if they confirm several iterations of the “defeat device”

The last time that Volkswagen is increasing the concern, at least in regards to the brand and its investors, by the scandal of the fraud of the TDI. Few days ago I already anticipated the impact it could have to the motor 2.Or TDI modern equipasen a defeat device called to manipulate its approval of emissions. At that time we already we set out that the presence of different iterations of the defeat device because they may pose an added problem for Volkswagen, the the theory of a “small group of engineers” fall under its own weight. To see how it worked defeat device TDI of Volkswagen.

If you used different iterations of the defeat device, it would mean that the knowledge of the fraud was more widespread, beyond a small group of engineers.

The use of different iterations of the defeat device would point precisely to an exchange of consistent information between different departments of engine development TDI of the brand. So that that knowledge of the senior classes of the trade mark is increasingly likely, although the difficulty to demonstrate a connection and a knowledge of management of Volkswagen follow this, and much we fear that, even being able to have existed, and ever will prove.

According to Reuters, we used different iterations of the defeat device, different pieces of software, focused on altering the operation of each engine in function of the reduction technology of NOx emissions used. Recall that there are engines affected that used traps of NOx, and engine that did the same with systems based on AdBlue.


  • According to dropped few days ago Michael Horn, head of the brand in the united States, that software would also have been adjusted by means of different techniques aimed to minimize emissions of NOx controls on the approval, adapting to the specific requirements of the protocols approval in the united States and Europe.

    Less likely seems the possibility that they too were affected modern diesel engines sold in the united States, 2.0 TDI present in MY2016. In the last few days it has been rumored for such possibility, in both Volkswagen had had to stop the process of approval in the united States to clarify the operation of a device used in order to reduce the emissions of NOX. But, for the moment, or Volkswagen would have recognized that it was a device illegal, nor would it have no clear evidence that this system is illegal.

    After what happened, the suspicion will always be behind Volkswagen, and with it will reduce the likelihood that they are loopholes that can be exploited to manipulate new emissions-certified their cars.

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