The expectations created by the car of 2017 will motivate McLaren


Zak Brown came to McLaren in the month of November and already works at full capacity to return to the team of Woking the glory of the past. And, to this end, has begun to explore the field he does best: the search of sponsorship. Since Vodafone left in 2013, McLaren has not had a main sponsor, and Brown wants that to change in 2018. “I’m talking with lots of people. 2017 is not realistic, but 2018 is not far away. We will focus on big brands, whose approach is similar to ours. Honestly, the negotiations have already begun, but at a very early negotiation”, said Zak Brown in a statement to Sky Sports.

That everything will go according to plan in the plane sports will help and that is why it is imperative that McLaren start to get at least some podiums in 2017. According to the Executive Director of the signature, that is something that is realistic in view of the good expectations that the car of the year that comes is creating. “everyone is motivated. I’ve seen the car point by point and the places in which they have improved the car this year. All are optimistic for the coming year. They have shown a great progress. The last few years have been difficult, but this year they had a good car. Honda is giving power and if we can evolve the same as that made from 2015 to 2016, we will be in a good place”.

McLaren scored his last podium in the Australian Grand Prix of 2014 and not win a race since the appointment of Brazil in 2012.