The expensive Mini Remastered of David Brown Automotive has proven to be a success


The new classic Mini has proved to be a success.

The project Mini Remastered of David Brown Automotive has been a success greater than expected. If less than two months ago is presented with the intention of producing about 250 copies in total at a pace of about 100 units per year, in just the first day after your presentation, there were already more than 650 firm orders, some from areas as remote as Australia or Japan. Currently, and after less than two months, the small british company builds up more than 2,000 orders.

This demand has been a surprise to the company, that there was no labeling cheap precisely the model. According to versions, each one of these little classics cost between 75,000 and 85,000 Pounds Sterling before tax, what are between 85.886 and 97.337 euros at current exchange. Says the company, are accepting deposits of £ 2,000 (2.290 euros) and the phone still does not stop ringing.

This means that, at least for the time being, the company will have to multiply nearly ten times its scheduled production, a success unparalleled in the industry.


The Mini-Remastered is completely new, but it has trick.

How it has achieved David Brown to sell these little classics remastered without conflict with the rights of the author of the original model is very simple, because although we can consider them as new vehicles, officially only restores and reshapes. Although almost all of the items are new bill, body, including, David Brown created from the scenes already existing, so legally they are only vehicles restored.

This stroke of genius prevents Davis Brown has had that negotiate or pay any kind of right, despite the fact that you plan to manufacture in series, but by hand.

The Mini-Remastered has mechanical elements, and current technological, with a catalog of highly customizable. The bodywork is completely new and is the work of British Motor Heritage, a british company that has years of manufacturing this type of products to restaurateurs and specialist workshops. Each of these sets is available, in limited quantities, by 9.950 Pounds, an estimated 11,600 euros.


Body nude to British Motor Heritage.

The engine is a small 4-cylinder 1,275 c. c. also new bill that delivering 79 HP (78 hp) and a maximum torque of 123 Nm. Is coupled to a manual 4-speed transmission and is capable of accelerating from zero to 100 km/h in 11.7 seconds, with a top speed of 145 km/h.

Initially, there are 13 available colors for the body and two colors of roof, although there is the option to apply a color to the taste to this element, as with wheels of 12 inches, which also allows to choose any desired color in one of the 3 models available.

In the interior we find a cabin clad in leather or Alcantara that lets you choose between 6 different shades, with the inclusion of an infotainment system with 7-inch screen and Bluetooth connectivity compatible with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. All of the knobs and dials of the dashboard are new bill, with special emphasis on the designs and finishes.


Mini Remastered configured in the web of David Brown Automotive.

In the beginning, will be offered in two limited series with a series of specific finishes and brand name “Inspired by Café Racers” and “Inspired by Monte Carlo”. Both editions only have a production of 25 units.