The explosion of an airbag as never before seen, 15,000 fps (video)

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is Never something too pleasant to talk about how to operate the various security systems passive of a vehicle, even if it is something that we all should know. We all like to know the functioning of the multiple systems of connectivity and infotainment, the different menus of our screens and the countless, if I may make the expression, “pijotadas” that bring our vehicles today. But isn’t it more interesting to know how you can save the life a system of your own car?

In the following video uploaded to the network a few days ago the channel distorted Perception YouTube we can see slow the process of detonation, inflated and later deflated of an airbag. The guys in this video have used a support home, a driver’s airbag of a vehicle, Sling and a battery. It does not really need anything more to see how this works, but it is something that we should not do at home, and much less without a security measures are very high.


As we see in a first time, real-time it is not possible to appreciate the explosion of the airbag as well as the “filling” inside of the bag. Just had to see the central part of the wheel that holds the airbag and the pyrotechnics system to see the air bag fully deployed. These guys and the camera super slow high quality allow us to see the whole process. After we put at a velocity of 1,300 fps, and already we appreciate that still inflates in just a few moments and playback begins to deflate.

In a third take, this time, now at 15,000 fps, we can see very stopped the detonation with the break-up of the cover that allows the release of the element, the inflation and the way that the airbag outlet , moment after moment, the time of complete filling of the airbag, and the rear deflated. We don’t know about you, but to us this sequence of images has left us impressed. We already knew how it worked and, of course, we were knowledgeable of their roles, but never before had we seen in this definition and it is so slow and detailed.


Far beyond being a curiosity, we must keep in mind that this system was introduced three decades in the early cars. Since then, has saved thousands of lives, both drivers and occupants and, for several years now, all the new passenger cars by law must have they. View the impressive force and speed with which this moment unfolds, you can imagine that everything must be measured to the thousandth of a second. A detonation desajustada, early or late of the air bag in the event of a crash occurs more injuries that could prevent (there are the famous effects of the airbags is defective Takata), so that the studies are thorough.

Source – YouTube