The F1 does not forget Jules Bianchi

The July 17, 2015, Jules Bianchi wrote the last page of a book that is full of fond memories and remarkable achievements in sport. 25 years marked by a passion for racing, no doubt, was born to Lucien and Mauro Bianchi, featured riders who also left their mark in the world of competition.

Natural Nice, made the jump to single-seaters from karting in 2007, through Formula Renault, a category in which he won and which led him to ascend to the F3 championship in which he met someone who would be a determining factor in the development of his career: Nicolas Todt. Under his tutelage, won the F3 Euroseries in 2009, and numerous races in GP2 and World Series 3.5.

The contacts of Nicolas with the Ferrari, attached to their promising results in the lower categories, which led in 2011 to become the reserve driver of Ferrari, doing so in the next year in the Force India, but already under the control of the Ferrari Drivers Academy, young driver program Maranello.

In 2013 he got his chance in Formula 1, thanks to the collaboration agreement existing between Ferrari and Marussia. Despite having a single-seater very mediocre in a team with financial troubles, Jules managed to shine as soon as he had the opportunity. In 2014, he managed to score points in the Monaco Grand Prix thanks to a ninth-place finish. Those two points were the only ones that the team -formerly under the name Virgin, and now called Manor – got until Pascal Wehrlein finished tenth in the recent Grand Prix of Austria.

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Luca di Montezemolo would say time after that he was chosen to replace Kimi Räikkönen and his step to Sauber for the season 2015 it was done. But that October 5, 2014 in Suzuka, everything changed and, after a few months of agony, the story of his life, ceased. Jules Bianchi is the last Formula 1 driver died as a result of an accident in competition after more than 20 years without such an outcome. Numerous members of the Formula 1 have wanted to remind him after the first anniversary of his death.

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