The F1 in Monza is a matter of State


F1 can’t lose Monza and Italy can’t live without Formula 1. The Budget Committee of the upper House of the Government of Italy has approved the amendment of Article 138 of the ‘Legge di Stabilitá’ and allow a budget item to subsidize the Grand Prix of Italy Formula 1. A measure that will not only allow the Club Racing Italy cover part of the canon that requires the FOM to host a Formula 1 event, but that certifies the support of the executive of Matteo Renzi of a clear way for the next few years.

With this budget, the Autodromo of Monza, you already have the tools necessary to negotiate your contract with Bernie Ecclestone, although there are still intermediate steps that close. The Club Racing of Italy (ACI) must reach an agreement with the Club in the Car of Milan, owner of Monza. For this purpose it will be used SIAS, a company specific that will be in charge of providing the budget necessary for the celebration of the Grand Prix of Italy. All parties will welcome this positive vote, noting the importance of the presence of the Formula 1 for the region and the country.

The goal of Ivan Capelli, President of the Club in the Car of Paris is sign an agreement with FOM to ensure the Formula 1 until the year 2022, year in which held, among other things, the centenary of the circuit. The conversations between the representatives of the Italian and Bernie Ecclestone will begin in the next month of January, although it is understood that will be favorable since they both parties are predisposed to the Formula 1 and Monza follow united. The problem of the budget, up to now unwavering to each other, is fixed. The Formula 1 in Italy is a matter of State.