The F1 values to standardize more parts of the cars


Who more who less, in the Formula 1 is in favour of reducing the costs in some way and, for the past year, the standardization of parts seems to be the way. the Examples of the electronic control unit serving as the argument and Zak Brown, the last to reach the paddock, is in accordance with the vision of many of his colleagues.

But Zak Brown points out, when evaluating this measure, as it considers that it is not enough to achieve the objectives. “There are those who think that we should standardize some parts, but I don’t think that you can control costs simply by checking what is in the car. Find other areas, the wind tunnel is a great example: we have slowed down and now the budgets of DCF are rising, so I don’t think that we can manage it only through the standardization of parts”, said Brown in a statement to Autosport, making clear that it believes that a large part of the budget of the teams is going in different type of activities.

For this reason, Zak Brown also supports the proposal to set a limit budget so that the costs don’t shoot up in other areas are not limited to, giving as a result a similar expenditure in the overall balance. “You can make something of that, and I don’t think that the consumer (fan) know visibly what suspension we have in our car compared to the Williams, for example. So I think that there are pieces that can be standardize to reduce costs that do not improve the performance, and the difference the fans don’t recognize, but I still think we need a spending limit as many other sports have”, said the Executive Director of McLaren, that it was not necessary that every car is exclusive in each and every one of the parts that form it.