The F1 will honor victims of Paris… taking advantage of the victims of accidents


this is Not the first time that the Formula 1 remains outside any kind of political commitment, but this time they have shown a surprising coldness around what happened in Paris. Jean Todt, president of the FIA, has confirmed that there will be a tribute to the victims of the attacks, but it will not be an act dedicated to them, but share it with those affected by road accidents.

“As we were going to do something tomorrow on the occasion of the day of victims in traffic accidents. In our streets every day are killed 3500 people. Die every day 30 times more people than in the killing of Paris”

The justification of Todt, in contrast with the “suffering” that claims to have by what happened, that he describes as “serious accident”. “We decided that there would be a minute of silence, and of course, we can’t ignore what happened in Paris. We will also have a moment of attention to what has happened there,” he told the media at Interlagos.

“it Is a dismay, the horror, after this attack in Paris, but it could have happened in any part of the world,” downplayed a Todt, who believes that only they are “poor spectators in front of this type of show.” Paris is one of the great capitals of the world and it is not appropriate to join the AIF with this tragic accident. But you can only suffer when you watch a drama as of yesterday, and we hope that it never happen again”.