The facelift of the Kia Soul 2017 it puts out in the cold of Scandinavia


The front seems to be the part that changes with respect to the current model

The Soul is difficult to define. Is half SUV half minivan. A strange mix but it works, been doing it since 2009 when it was presented the first generation. This year they will launch a facelift of the current model, which dates back to 2014. A facelift of the Kia Soul 2017 that has left to see in the cold of Scandinavia.

And is that the last time we saw him was in Germany, the development center that Kia has in Europe. On both occasions, the content of camouflage is abundant, but on this occasion we can guess some of the details that will be part of that light face wash that is expected for the Kia Soul.

Possibly the most change is the front. Guess a bumper brand new, with new air intakes and new headlights main. Behind for its part does not seem to change too much, because you see the same optical groups, which in the current model, and the bumper goes very covered as to be able to guess your way.

however, we noticed that the interior also presents canvases that cover a great part of the dashboard. This makes us think that Kia is working on a remodel of the cabin. May not be many changes, but it will sure involve a technological upgrade, and of systems, becoming more connected than the current one.

In the mechanical part, it is early to say anything. The Soul has a range of driving most varied of Kia, with blocks diesel, petrol and even fully electric power. All of them will still be present in the update, though surely will be revised to provide better levels of consumption and emissions.

follow the plans as you have thought of Kia, the new Soul you will see the light at the end of this year, although it will be considered to be a model 2017. Throughout this year we should also get to know other models of the brand that are being refurbished, such as the Kia Picanto and the Kia Rio. They have been seen together with the Soul in the tests of winter.


Much of camouflage that will diminish as progress in the tests