The facelift of the Mercedes S-Class is set to develop in the snow of Sweden

The launch of the BMW 7-Series has forced Mercedes to accelerate the preparations for the Mercedes S Class 2016. The large saloon German is putting to the test a face wash that will be released throughout this year. A few cosmetic changes outside, but many indoor.

The front will partially camouflaged, although more are expected changes

as can be seen in the images, and as we have been able to see on any other previous occasion, the Mercedes S-Class will not change a lot your overall look. The truth that it is not necessary, because almost three years ago the germans came up with a style as elegant as attractive, although it will change certain areas like the headlights and the bumper.

In the images we can see that the bottom of the front bumper is different from the current one. Also, look at the grill, which is fully covered. Surely, even the shape does not change, but so will the interior design of the same, something which tends to be very common in Mercedes.

In terms of the exterior will not be forecast more changes, but the same is not true on the inside. the Three units were discovered, and the three had the interior completely covered. This makes us see that Mercedes will focus all its efforts of updating in the interior. We do not expect major changes in the design, but yes in the content.

As we have already said on more than one occasion, the new S-Class will borrow many innovations from its little brother, the Mercedes Class E. a Lot of last-generation technology, as part of the autonomous system, cameras, and assistants to the driving, will be transplanted to the great saloon. Showing at the same time some surprises.

behind on your part or even presents vinyl camouflage

By the time these are all the changes that await the facelift of the Mercedes s Class. not even the range of engines will change, although it will be updated to be made more efficient. Throughout the year we will know more, so your presentation is scheduled for the Paris Salon of the month of October.