The facelift Renault Duster debut in Brazil in April


The aesthetic upgrade Renault Duster up to Mercosur in April. This is the restyling presented internationally in the last quarter of 2013, which now drives produced in Brazil is incorporated.


Renault-Duster-FL-2015 A almost a year and a half of its international presentation, a pdating Mid Life Renault Duster is preparing to have its debut in Brazil, where it will be presented next April.

The front was renewed with some new headlights that according to finishing may include a strip of LED daytime running lights . Besides the grill, which now includes two chrome strips on a black base color and a bumper that integrates a defense and fog lamps renewed.

There roof bars have been redesigned, new alloy wheels 16 inch color Dark Metal tires and mixed use. In the posterior region are new headlights, the exhaust with chrome finish and new support for the patent.

But inside is where the most important changes were concentrated, as it has been updated with a new instrument panel and sound system MEDIA Nav touchscreen 7 inch Bluetooth connectivity, USB and built-in browser.


The Renault Duster is manufactured in Brazil for the entire region, a specific version developed jointly by Renault Design Latin America and Renault Technologie Amérique. For Mercosur is believed to be no mechanical novelties, as they continue to offer the same engines 1.6 and 2.0 liters current model.





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