The factory in Palencia exceeds its own production records

Prueba Renault Kadjar 1.6 dCi 130 CV

a few hours Ago I we informed of what had been brands and best selling models of the completion month of November, in addition to the general behavior of the market channels and the various fees. In that same article, I mentioned that, in the month of November, Renault had taken a major leap forward in terms of sales refers and, in addition, his model of the C-segment, the Renault Mégane, was located as the tourism best-selling for such month with quite a lot of difference compared to its rivals.

Coincidence or not, today comes the news that the factory of Palencia has beaten its own record of production in the last year. Today the factory has produced the unit number 300,000 in the year so far. The previous record of units produced in a single year for the factory of Palencia was in something less than 289,000 units, a figure that was achieved in 2004, before the outbreak of the financial crisis that still affects us.

Prueba nuevo Renault Mégane 2016

Says Renault in their press release that these 300,000 vehicles produced have been thanks, in large part, the launches of the Renault Kadjar and new Renault Mégane. In addition, the forecasts are end 2016, with more than 330,000 cars assembled and ready to reach their new customers. “This success is the fruit of the effort of all and each one of the employees of the Factory, who each day put the best of themselves to that Kadjar and Mégane keep coming out with excellent levels of quality and maintain its market leadership”, stated the director of the factory, Jose Martin Vega.

The destination of the unit of 300,000 is Denmark, and it is a Mégane Sport Tourer in color gloss black with engine dCi 110, which is produced in the engine plant in Valladolid, and with the manual gearbox 6-speed TL4, held in Seville. This factory in Palencia, with a total of 4,800 workers, work 4 shifts from the past month of September.

Renault Megane

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