The factory Mercedes of Vitoria will expand its capacity to the demand of the Vito and V-Class

Mercedes Clase V fábrica Vitoria Mercedes Vito and V-Class are the two vans of the mark of the star is made in Vitoria-Gasteiz. The demand for both models is still higher this 2016, being the main cause of the 20% growth in division sales of vans from Mercedes, with over 76,000 units sold in the first quarter of the year, the best figure of the story for the brand.

In the first four months of the year, have been sold 21.300 units of the Mercedes Vito, a 61% that in the same period last year, while in the case of the Mercedes V-Class, the increase has been from 58% to 9.300 units. The good market demand for the Mercedes Vito and V-Class will cause the brand to invest more money in this factory for increase production.

Mercedes Clase V fábrica VitoriaThe past 2015 Mercedes invested in Vitoria € 15 million, but in 2016 will inject a total of 41 million euros more to these facilities, with the aim of expanding the productive capacity. That money will go to the adaptation of the workshops of the sheet metal, paint and assembly lines. The next day, October 3, will be launched on the third night shift for which the factory is at full capacity.

In 2015, daily production Mercedes in Vitoria was about 470 vans with two shifts in place, but the different settings have enabled right now are manufactured 540 units a day. With the arrival of the third turn of the figure will increase to 660 units. For this year, Mercedes expects a production record, with a few 137.000 units. Since the beginning of the year we have recruited more than 800 additional workers, adding to the existing template, making a total number of about 4,600 employees.

Prueba Mercedes Clase V 250 BluetecThe Mercedes V-Class already showed the past 2015 (first full year of marketing) a growth of 20%. The interest in this model of luxury continues to grow and fleets are opting also a 59% more for the model that replaced the Mercedes Viano. Last year, the Vito, the star model of Vitoria, grew 23%.

This year, the factory of Vitoria celebrates its 62 anniversary, since it opened its doors in 1954 to manufacture vans DKW. The plant belongs to Mercedes since 1981. The importance of this factory is such that it represents the 3,3% of the GDP of the Basque Country and 10% of exports.

Source – Mercedes

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