The failures mark the first third of the 24 Hours of Spa


The 24 Hours of Spa have lived in a first-third race marked by mistakes on the track, mechanical failures, accidents and sanctions, but also by the beautiful duel between the Ferrari #55 and the Lamborghini #63, who has joined during the first hours of the night, the Mercedes #90. The ability of survival has marked the difference between the favorites, because some have managed to recover from the various problems that have been found in the race and kept chances to fight for the final victory. However, several of the favorites are already out of the game. mixed fortunes between the Spanish riders.

As usual, lto the first hour of the race has been ground to ‘redone’, somehow, the grill. Maxime Soulet with the Bentley Continental GT3 #8 was one of the most prominent drivers in this task as they went back up to the eighth position in just 20 minutes, flying in addition to the yellow flags by , the problems of the Nissan #22 and the tops of the Mercedes #48 and the Lamborghini #12. All in all, the first hour of the race was fairly clean, though the Drive Through for the Ferrari 488 #72 Viktor Shaytar -unit of Miguel Molina – to overcome the ‘track limits’ marked the trend of Career Direction in respect to the penalties.

The Ferrari #55 with Fisichella at the controls, and the Lamborghini #63 with Bortolotti behind the wheel became the first actors of the race, alternating its position at the forefront of the race in the second hour of the test. Already by then, the first of the big favorites of the race had its first setback, any time you the BMW M6 #99 suffered a flat tire in the right rear wheel. The winner of the edition of 2016, losing a lot of time, the battle between Fisichella and Bortolotti between the folded are extended until the first period of ‘Full Course Yellow’.


Passion Lathouras suffered a massive accident at the Raidillon that forced them to deploy the Safety Car. The Ferrari #50 was completely destroyed and became the second significant drop of the race. During this period neutrilizado, Bentley #8 Soucek was reached by the leadership and the Jaguar #14, Costa was disqualified in the first term for a communication error that led to Ortelli to not follow the route of the Safety Car for the pitlane, although the car could return in the second instance to runway. Twenty minutes later, she gave the resalida, but the accident Jamie Green with the Audi #17 again to neutralize the race.

Lucas Ordonez with the Nissan #23 also got to be the provisional leader in the fourth hour of the race, although the different rhythms of stops began to mark two competitive groups. The first of these groups is falling another of the favorites, any time the Bentley #8 received a Drive Through for not respecting the times of riding. The pair, el Porsche #117 received a penalty of three minutes, which led to both having to reinvent itself. Beyond the problems of the McLaren #58 on the track, Race Direction handed out penalties for ‘track limits’ to the car #3, #7, #11, #19, #51, #90 and #99.

Another favorite in distress was the Audi #5 for Dries Vanthoor, Lotterer and Fässler, the entire time that they lost three laps due to mechanical problems. Almost at the same time, the Audi #6 with Richelmi at the controls, was stopped on track, causing the third Safety Car. To add insult to injury, the Audi #75 ISR had to get back to the pits with mechanical problems. However, the moment more painful for the German brand was the punishment that he received the Audi #1 from Antonio Garcia to overcome the ‘track limits’. All of this trasformaba the front group just before the sixth hour.


at The end of the sixth hour of the race, the Ferrari #55 of Fisichella, Cioci and Draft loomed with the first position, adding up the points delivered in this point of the race. Faithful to the reflection of the race, the Lamborghini #63 was second, while the Mercedes #84 was occupying the third place. The Bentley #8, Soucek claimed the points corresponding to the fifth position and the Mercedes #88 of Juncadella the tenth place, results that could have been better because after a few moments, Eriksson suffered a massive accident with the Mercedes #84. Another candidate out of the race and fourth Safety Car on the track.

The last two hours before the completion of the third race were more quiet, although that did not prevent the pilots had to sail two periods of ‘Full Yellow Course’. All in all, lcareer took a more dynamic normal with the typical alternation of leaders according to the rhythm of pit stops. The Ferrari #55 repeated to the front of the race in the seventh hour, but he couldn’t do the same in the eighth hour. With a remarkable rhythm of Meadows in the foreground and Raffaele Marciello after, the top #90 was going to lead the race ahead of the Lamborghini #63 and the Audi #2.

the Result of your last stop, the Ferrari #55 with Fisichella at the controls fell to the fourth position, nothing worrying in any case in spite of having behind the Audi #25 and the Mercedes #85. Recovered from his penalty and with an increasing rate after a few good releases all of its pilots, Soulet, April and Soucek placed the Bentley #8 in the seventh position, just before of the Audi #1 of Garcia, Müller and Rast. The good Spanish completed Ordonez and Juncadella next to their respective mates, as the Nissan #23 arrived in the first third of the race ninth and the Mercedes #88 tenth. Albert Costa with the Jaguar #14 is out of the race.

24 Hours of Spa Blancpain 2017 – (8 hours)

Pos. Pilots Car Time
1 Mortara / Meadows / Marciello Mercedes-AMG GT3 AKKA ASP 8:01:32.809
2nd Bortolotti / Engelhart / Caldarelli Lamborghini Huracán GT3 GRT Grasser +5.072
3rd Philippi / Harvest / Vervisch Audi R8 LMS GT3 Team WRT +6.315
4th Fisichella / Cioci / Draft Ferrari 488 GT3 Kaspersky Motorsport +12.543
5th Haase / Gounon / Winkelhock Audi R8 LMS GT3 Team Sainteloc +14.922
6th Sandström / Schiller / Baumann Mercedes-AMG GT3 HTP Motorsport +16.450
7th Soulet / April / Soucek Bentley Continental GT3 Bentley M-Sport +18.241
8th Garcia / Müller / Rast Audi R8 LMS GT3 Team WRT +20.400
9th Ordonez / Buncombe / Chiyo Nissan GT-R NISMO GT3 Team RJN Nissan +23.285
10th Serralles / Juncadella / Vautier Mercedes-AMG GT3 AKKA ASP +24.573