The fake Alfa Romeo Giulia Sportwagon that this revolutionizing the Internet


This image has spread like wildfire through various media outlets.

The new family version of the Giulia is being the subject of many speculations in the past few months. Rumors and conjecture based mainly on the interpretation of the own statements of the executives of the mark, although on this occasion, we owe everything to a supposed leaked image in the network model, who seems to want to confirm all the previous reports. However, the image in if offers us more questions than answers.

Published, among other means by the Coach as a real image, a filtered model, soon after removed the article in question, without further explanation. Which clearly indicates that finally we weren’t so sure of the same.

This image appeared on a page of Facebook that did not offer any kind of information about it, nor even of the origin of the same, what makes us think that we could actually be in front of a mere recreation.


Recreation of the possible Alfa Giulia Sportwagon.

In the image, if you do not we can see a great thing, because it’s a simple rear view with the obvious tailgate open, leaving it hovering in the trunk and the rear bench, which is hinged in the form 60/40, with the usual central hole for objects of great length. Are appreciated by pilots of the Giulia, the dual output exhaust and a wider rear tire, that invite us to think in the version of QV.

rest little more we can say to analyze it, though the texture of the little body that is seen is not seen very realistic, so more than likely we are faced with a simple render, similar to the one that I brought recently.

After a minor research and a few questions, in a short time we identify the source of the image. As imagined this is a simple render, using part of an actual photograph of the Jaguar XF Sportbrake, which belongs to the interior of the photograph.


The real picture, the Jaguar XF Sportbrake.

so we can say that the image that has appeared, and will likely continue to appear in numerous media, does not correspond at all with a product of Alfa Romeo. That’s not to say that we might not see such an option some day.

To be certain the reports circulating on the net these last few weeks, and that is based on recent statements from sources close to Alfa Romeo, we could see this new version sometime in 2017, under the name Sportwagon, used by its direct predecessor, the Alfa 159.

This would complement the range with a version very needed in some markets, such as the european, where represent nothing less than the 42 percent of the sales of the premium models of medium size. All its rivals have these familial variants in their respective ranges.


The Alfa 159 was the last family member of the D segment of the mark.

The new Sportwagon would be key to achieving the objectives set for this model, the expected sales of between 75,000 and 100,000 units per year.

not being confirmed officially do not exist by the time details reliable
in the model, but if confirmed it is expected that has the same range mechanical
we can find in the sedan
, including the spectacular version QV of
510 HP.