The family LMP2 grows with the Oreca 07


The new generation of LMP2 taking shape little by little, any time you already know three of the four models that exceeded the bidding of the ACO. First revealed to the Ligier JS P217 of Onroak Automotive for the appointment of the ELMS at Spa, while in a private test and through some spy photos published by ‘Autosprint’ we were able to see the design of the prototype Dallara. it is Now the turn of the Oreca 07, a model that has been presented with a series of photos virtual before the official debut track of the prototype French.

Oreca has not wanted to give a big hint about its new LMP2, but if there is anything clear it is that the manufacturer and trainer in French is going to make a bet diametrically opposite that of their rivals. While Onroak, Dallara and Multimatic-Riley have designed their prototypes from scratch, the French house has chosen to be faithful to its philosophy. In this way, the Oreca 07 is an update of the Oreca 05, to such an extent that the current customers who have an Oreca 05 will be able to adapt its prototype to the new specifications to comply with the new technical regulations imposed.


This does not mean that Oreca will not be in a position to sell units
new Oreca 07, but with this adaptation kit ensures
keep a large part of the portfolio of customers
which has in the
updating and including structures of weight as Signatech
Alpine or Rebellion Racing
, in addition to computers powerful as G-Drive,
Manor, DragonSpeed or JDC-Miller
, these last two with reservations in
firm. In this way, the French manufacturer does not close doors in
no aspect, although only the performance on track will be dialed if there is
been better to go for a model 100% new

all in all, there will be that
wait as a minimum until the 24 Hours of Daytona next month
January to see if really the Oreca 07 is competitive, although to say
truth nor you can say that this decision to develop a kit
evolutionary surprised.
do Not need look at the list of registered
of the 24 Hours of Le Mans 2016 in order to see as Murphy Prototypes set
in liza a veteran Oreca 03R, a model that is not more than the direct evolution of the
Oreca 03, and has been used in a variety of categories with great
success. Is something that will certainly in the DNA of the French house.