The family Renault Sport could be extended to other models

The range of sports products developed by Renault Sport could in the near future to go beyond the Megane RS and Clio RS. Some of the future Renault models could receive the treatment RS, with the exception of the SUV.

Renault-Clio-RS-200-EDC-1Sudamérica is the exception, because that is the only place where it is offered a product developed by Renault Sport, unlike the Clio RS and Mégane RS. This is the Sandero RS produced in Brazil, a product that has been very well received in the market of the region.

But this might change in the future, because according to recent statements of Regis Fricotte, who serves as vice president of the sales division, marketing & communication Renault made to the publication australian Car Advice, there will be more models of the brand that will receive the treatment RS.

however Fricotte stated that in order to obtain the approval, shall be the product technically feasible, economically viable and have enough demand in the market. Is that the idea is not to put the emblem RS to any product, but rather to produce a car that is feasible to successfully market.

This news arrives just when Renault announced its return to Formula 1 with its own team, at the same time that the CEO of Renault-Nissan Carlos Ghosn highlighted the interest of the brand to develop their sporting activities to the global level, so that it will encourage the expansion of the brand Renault Sport, which will not be more limited to the Clio and Megane.

however, and despite the fact that the high performance SUV are on the rise, the executive is not enthusiastic with a product of these features to be signed by Renault Sport. Tricote considers to be necessary qualities for a product RS beyond the chassis, and the acceleration and believes that the qualities of a vehicle like an SUV are contrary to the that the pubic would expect from a product of sporting character.