The famous “Alonso is faster than you” was changed to Massa, recognizes Smedley


The sports career of Felipe Massa has gone through multiple ups and downs, highlighting on the negative its time ferrarista subsequent to the accident at the Hungarian Grand Prix.

Time in which coincided with Fernando Alonso, who gave a performance very superior to that of brazil and that, according to its engineer of track at that time and subsequently went to Williams with him, Rob Smedley, wine highly influenced by the team orders imposed in the Grand Prix of Germany 2010.

“I Think I found difficulties since that time because it was a kind of crucial moment that he understood how focused the team. Right or wrong, I’m not saying that a focus on Fernando (Alonso) was right or wrong, I’m not going to comment.”

“And I think Fernando is a great driver, I have been recorded many times saying how good Fernando is. So you could argue that it was the right approach, but I think that, once that Felipe (Massa) understood that was complicated for him to accept it”.

Smedley acknowledged in statements collected by Motorsport that, after giving the order, went through difficult times at Ferrari because he made it clear that I was not in the agreement, which was also something he understood Felipe Massa and made him understand that the team was totally focused on the Spanish rider.

“Personally, I think that was not right and perhaps I made it clear in my message by radio, which was not in agreement. Came complicated times for me after that. I think that there were better ways of doing it, to be honest. The difference between the two was not as large in terms of race pace. there Were parts of the race that Felipe was faster and there were parts that Fernando was faster.”

“And I think that what Felipe really found difficult to understand was the fact that it had just come out of nowhere. We had agreed a strategy, we knew how it was going to develop and did not develop as well, I think I found it all very confusing. You know you are in that situation, competing, leading the race. I think that was moving away from Vettel at that time. I Think the complicated part for him was… why are we doing this? It is Germany, we are not in the last race of the season. We were mid-season, what is going on?”

The current responsible for engineering in the Great Prizes of the team Williams thinks that one of the big problems was that they changed the rules without prior notice and that led to that Massa was not able to take the new situation with ease.

“When the rules are on the table and are clear, it is okay. But if the rules change in the middle of the game and do not know that you have changed while another group of people known to have changed, I think people find difficulties to deal with it”.