The fashion world considers “art” destroy a classic Porsche 911


it is something that really can not understand. Maybe it’s that I like cars too, but since I was little and saw destroying cars for artistic reasons or for reasons no apparent logic , I got sick. What the fashion brand Rag & Bones has done should be classified as a crime if any laws they considered some cars industrial heritage. But unfortunately is legal to destroy a Porsche 911 SC in the eyes of everyone, just because it looks good in a video of just a minute.

Forewarned is forearmed. Not a video suitable for sensitive.

The video begins with a model dressed in a jacket and mystical expression. Unchanging expression while watching someone apparently burning oil in a sewer. The video then switches to slow motion model walking away from a Porsche 911 on falling a giant concrete block . Not content with this, the video director repeats the impact from ten different angles with his sound. If this is art I am a Tibetan monk and call me Bodhi, like in the movie.

The truth is that I still call Sergio Alvarez and Rag & Bone has done nothing but destroy a beautiful 911 because. It is said that it was a car without an engine, but in a state apparent than good, which would have been very easy to mount a drive. To all those who have spent years looking for a Porsche 911, watching as their prices increasingly move away from our savings, this video hurts us in the soul . I do not know, maybe it would be dropping a concrete block on a bunch of dummies, so maybe people Rag & Bones felt something.

The video is not suitable for sensitive. Quedais warned.

Let the cars in peace, please.

Source: Jalopnik
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