The father of Paul Walker also demand to Porsche

Shortly after his death, the father of Walker stated that he would wish that his son would leave the world of the film

Have passed practically two years after the tragic accident that took the life of Paul Walker, the famous actor of Fast and Furious, when he went to co-pilot in a Porsche Carrera GT. The driver, Roger Rodas, also died. After a collision that left him seriously injured, and the car caught fire.

The family does not get to rest, and do not believe in the official version, backed by a police report. While the manufacturer and the authorities say that the Carrera GT was going at a speed clearly excessive and that it was not in good condition, the family is enrocan in which the car was known for its “lack of security measures” and “history of accident”.

most likely that Porsche will react to this demand with the same arguments as in the two previous lawsuits: the car was not well maintained, had been tampered with, and the driver was a reckless total. Until there is a judgment against these three lawsuits, the families will not be able to turn the page.

Of time, if we do not question the police report, unfortunately, happened what had to happen, judging by the type of collision. The fatal outcome would not have been much different in any other car with a tank of gasoline.