The FCC4 prototype will be displayed by Fiat in the Hall of Buenos Aires


The FCC4 Concept Coupe last year debuted in São Paulo, will be displayed by Fiat in the Motor Show in Buenos Aires next week. This is a design exercise that anticipates the bases future pickup middle of the brand.


Fiat-FCC4-Concept-Coupe-1 E ntrelas news that Fiat introduced last year Motor São Paulo is a prototype which they called FCC4 Concept Coupe, which with a format of 4-door coupe laid the stylistic bases that future pickup may take the brand to position develops over the Strada.

The FCC4 prototype will be the basis for the unprecedented aesthetic midsize pickup Fiat.

This is a product that has been entirely developed by Fiat Design Center Latam and that will be one of the attractions that Fiat is ready to show under the Motor Show in Buenos Aires which will begin in a few days more. Its format combines the typology of a pick-up, with the interior space and luxury of a large sedan and an adventurous style.

Its dimensions are impressive, since its total length is 5 meters, width is 1.94 meters and height of 1.60 meters . Of course, when the so-called Project 226 hits the market, it will do with rather smaller, because it is a product to be located halfway between the boys utilities like Strada and below products such as Hilux or Amarok.

Pickup Fiat 'Proyecto 226'

Screening of the Fiat Project 226

This is a segment that is still unpublished but which cease to be in just a few days, since Renault has already prepared the production version of the pickup based on the Duster , which called Oroch and also have its world debut at the Motor Show in Buenos Aires.

The new Fiat pickup meanwhile, will sit on a combination of the architecture of the Strada and Renegade because it will share the assembly line with the Jeep product in Brazil. It is a product developed jointly by the design center of Fiat Brazil, in collaboration with Centro Stile Fiat under Italy and Design Studio FCA has on USA .

What are its mechanical is still unknown, although it could presumably get to share powerplants with the Jeep Renegade, which uses a E.torQ block engine with 1.8 liters and 140 horsepower and turbocharged Multiair 2.0-liter with an output of 170 horsepower .

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