The features of the new Ford Mondeo

Ford brand has indicated to Mondeo as the best product for a while , and in fact is one of the expected models. Many of the features are already revealed in this paper we look at the features of the new Ford Mondeo .

Características del nuevo Ford Mondeo

The new Ford Mondeo built for Europe at its plant in Almussafes , in Valencia. The price is estimated to be € 21 800.

Features of the new Ford Mondeo

Mondeo most striking is the design of optical torn and barbecue for Aston Martin. It is a sporty design and with better proportions than the previous generation. . Measures 4.87 meters in length

is available with three types bodywork: four doors (Mondeo Sedan), five doors (Mondeo sedan) and five doors family ( Mondeo Estate).

One of his innovations is TDCI 180 hp turbodiesel and paired with a manual six-speed power dosed well. Initially the committee will consist of two gasoline engines, three diesel and a hybrid variant . The gasoline is a 1.5 EcoBoost 160 hp and 240 hp 2.0 EcoBoost, which is positioned as the most potent.

nuevo ford mondeo

Further innovations are the dynamics of LED technology Ford: intelligent headlight which rotates synchronously with the steering wheel to improve vision in curves. It also uses ultra-efficient LED with eight different modes of illumination.

Another very interesting feature of the new Ford Mondeo is its exclusive seat belt inflatable rear seat that offers passengers outer rear protective level airbarg brand new.

Thanks to its technology can enjoy several advantages. The new Ford Mondeo help park online. Its ultrasound systems determine if your car fits into a hole, and computerized parked by you. Similarly, says technology you if there is any object that can not see, and can prevent the maneuver.

No doubt the new Ford Mondeo is one of the most anticipated models and they look forward to getting our hands on.

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