The Ferrari 250 TR of Peter Giacobbi is perfect and produces a well-deserved hives to the purists

we All should learn from someone like Peter Giacobbi. This mechanical engineer and worked for many years in senior positions in vehicle development, accumulating decades of experience. His dream was to emulate the riders of the 50’s, those who plied the road Italian on the back of the beautiful Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa. Unfortunately, the price of the 250 TR is prohibitive for mortals. The solution Giacobbi was build your own 250 TR. A Ferrari perfect the purists can not see or painting.

Buy a 250 TR implies to be a millionaire. Build a 250 TR artisanal means to be a genius.

The snobbery of collectors of classic is something that Giacobbi can’t. Does not conceive that a car can’t be driven so that it retains its value. A ludicrous notion in a machine, made for your enjoyment. Giacobbi managed to acquire an all-aluminium body built in Italy for a 250 TR, a body that wore 50 years forgotten in a warehouse. With the body in his hands set out to build from scratch replica perfect of a 250 Testa Rossa, to be able to emulate their heroes.

ferrari-giacobbiThe chassis was recreated on the basis of official documents and pictures, like the interior of the car. The instrumentation of the car was entrusted to a specialist, who made it, modeled on the original instrumentation of the car. One of the biggest problems that Giacobbi had while he built his car was the supply of original parts. No one would sell Giacobbi an engine or a gearbox of a Testa Rossa, as the existing units are limited and all have an owner. Nadie sells slices of Testa Rossa.

The engine is from a Ferrari Daytona, its chassis is completely handmade.

Giacobbi did the best you could: mount a engine 4.4 V12 from a Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona. A huge V12 able to develop 357 HORSEPOWER, fed by six Weber carburetors. A propeller that the own Giacobbi put to the point, along with its gearbox transaxle of five relationships. The result is a machine as light as a Testa Rossa production, but significantly more powerful – the Testa Rossa carried a 3.0 V12 of 300 HP. A machine, made for the personal enjoyment of our new hero.

giacobbi-motordidn’t even bother to paint the body, its silvery appearance is much more authentic, naked. And best of all is that Giacobbi is usually to drive your Ferrari regularly, regardless of the number of kilometres that you do, or the pristine condition of your paint. In the final analysis, enjoy much more the purists, with a Ferrari, “impure”, a Frankenstein much more genuine that the queens of garage. Maybe that is what I do not support the purists, who denostan your effort and dedication. They will lose it.

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The madness is perfect for a van Volkswagen T1 with the turbo engine from a Porsche 993 and 530 HP

I also would make my Ferrari 250 GT/E in a hot rod with muscle american

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