The Ferrari 290 MM ex-Fangio sold at 25.5 million euros

The Ferrari 290 MM Scagliati Spyder, with which the pilot Juan Manuel Fangio to run the Mille Miglia in 1956 has been auctioned at a record high. It is one of the four units built and has an engine V12 of 320 HP.

ferrari_290_mm_scaglietti_spyder_8jpegSand is a vehicle that has been designed specifically for Fangio and is one of the four units produced. Few doubts remained about who the Ferrari 290 MM Scaglietti Spyder would reach astronomical figures in the auction organized by Sotheby’s and so it was, because the price of sale amounted to nothing less than 25.5 million euros.

Fangio competed with this 290 in the Mille Miglia in 1956, finishing fourth overall. Even though the car competed in many other races under the command of other pilots legendary, such as Peter Collins, Phil Hill and Alfonso de Portago, he never had an accident and it is for this reason that its condition is almost perfect.

Ferrari 290MM of the year 1956, with the number of chassis 0626 is driven by a engine V12 of 3.5 litres and has a power of 320 horsepower. It has three Weber carburetors double-mouth, manual transmission with four gears and independent front suspension with coil springs and anti-roll bar.

according to the history collected by the auction house, the car it was sold in 1957 to Temple Buell, a north american close friend of Enzo Ferrari, who painted his body in blue and white. However, sales later carried his body to the red color that now looks, until in the year 1970 was acquired by the famous collector Pierre Bardion, who remained in his collection until this week.