The Ferrari 335S Spider Scaglietti was the best car in the world in 1957, and is ready to break records at auction

The world of Ferrari classic is a world in which there are few drivers. It is a world of brokers, investment brokers and checks with lots of zeros back. No longer is a world of oil, smell of gasoline and engine burned. In 1957 Ferrari produced several spectacular “Spider Scaglietti”. It was not the car of a customer, it was an official car of the Scuderia Ferrari, a 335S. A beautiful racing machine that was built with the simple goal of being the best and fastest race car of the moment.

it Will be auctioned off by Artcurial in France in a few weeks, and it is expected that their sale price to oscillate around 30 million euros.

Was built at the beginning of 1957, and as it could not be otherwise, built by Scaglietti with several sheets of aluminium, adjusted by hand. Under its hood was the best that Ferrari could make in 1957. A “Type 140”, an engine of twelve cylinders in v -, competition. Its displacement was 3.8 liters, was able to spin to 8,000 rpm and was making news as a double camshaft. With a power of about 360 HP, all of his power passed to the ground by a manual gearbox of four relations.

As is the case with the Ferrari’s of the era, his record in competition is the one that determines part of its current value. In addition, it should be well documented and maintained. There are No problems in this regard: the car belongs to the private collection of Pierre Bardinon. The same Enzo Ferrari, when asked about the lack of documentary rigour and historical vehicles on the premises Maranello, used to say, “Bardinon has already done it for me.” The car premiered in-competition in march of 1957, and Peter Collins and Maurice Trintignant as pilots.

His first foray into the 12 Hours of Sebring was not stellar, so that the Scuderia was entered in the Mille Miglia, where his driver Wolfgang von Trips finished second with this Ferrari. After the race, the car returned to the factory, where rose engine displacement up to 4.1 liters. Its capacity is now estimated to be about 400 HP, with which it was able to reach the 300 km/h. Remember that it was a car built by hand, in an era in which the electronics was non-existent, like the wind tunnels.

In the 24 Hours of Le Mans in the same year, despite retiring in the fifth hour with mechanical problems, established the first lap record at over 200 km/h of average speed. Although not won races in 1957, contributed to his victories in the constructors championship of the world. In 1958 he defeated in the GP of Cuba, and was driven by Sir Stirling Moss. Several races at the hands of several private clients were the end of his list of achievements in competition, excellently documented. Has had the same owner since 1970.

it Is expected that this beautiful machine reaches a value at auction of up to 34 million dollars. The record existing in auction is of a 250 GTO, auctioned a couple of years ago for a whopping $ 38 million. All in all, it could break records if the bid is turn on enough. Remain excessive amounts for common mortals, which shows that the value of these classics still on the rise, without a semblance of a stop. This piece of history of Ferrari is delivered completely restored.

Source: Petrolicious
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