The Ferrari 355 Sport Scaglietti achieved the record sale at auction

Ferrari 355 S Spider Scaglietti 1957a few days Ago as we set out, this Ferrari 355 Sport Scaglietti 1957 had enough ballots to become the vehicle most expensive in history. And finally it has happened, in the Retromobile 2016 Paris took place this sale millionaire. Because the Ferrari 355 auctioned by Artcurial reached the record figure of 32 million.

Initially the people of Artcurial were of the opinion that their selling prices would be situated between the 28 and the 32 million, therefore the expectations have been exceeded. This exceeds the previous record sale at auction, which was obtained in 2014 by another Ferrari, a 250 GTO Berlinetta which reached a price of 28.5 million. In this way, the Ferrari 355 S dethrones the Ferrari 250 GTO, which has always been one of the vehicles that are most valued.

Ferrari 355 S Spider Scaglietti 1957Since then the 355 Sport Scaglietti potential he had to beat this prestigious record. This is the drive with chassis number 0674 and that it was made for the competition. Was born in 1957 Ferrari 315 S, by equipping an engine V12 3.8-liter. In this way he competed in the 12 hours of Sebring, occupying a worthy sixth position. Later came mechanical upgrades.

Using engine V12 of 4.1 litres 400 HP (which remains today) competed in the 24 hours of Le Mans driven by Mike Hawthorn and Luigi Musso. Despite not getting to finish the race, becomes the first vehicle to take a trip to the circuit with an average speed superior to the 200 km/h. Later there would be other events such as the 6 hours of Kristianstad (Sweden), the Grand Prix of Venezuela, the Grand Prize of Cuba and the Road America 500.


Having been driven by a pilot as charismatic as he is Sir Stirling Moss, we are not surprised nothing to the success it has had this Ferrari 355 Sport Scaglietti throughout its history. Until today, belonged to the collection of Pierre Bardinon, but for 32 million euros will change hands to those of a lucky stranger, you can be proud of your unique purchase.

Source – Artcurial