The Ferrari 488 Challenge debuts in the 'Purposes Mondiali'


One of the major goals of Ferrari during the last two years has been complete the total implementation of the Ferrari 488 GTB as a replacement for the Ferrari 458 Italia. First it was in the dealers, but in terms of competition this relay began in the early of 2016 with the debut of the Ferrari 488 GTE in the World Endurance (WEC). At the same time, Ferrari also released the Ferrari 488 GT3, a model of parallel development, with aerodynamics less aggressive and eligible to compete in competitions such as the Blancpain GT Series. Now this work concludes in some way with the presentation of the Ferrari 488 Challenge.

The premiere of the Ferrari 488 Challenge has taken place in the ‘Purposes Mondiali’, event in which Ferrari says goodbye to the season with different activities in which they take part of their official drivers and also the users that are part of the program ‘F1 Clienti’. On this occasion, the ‘Purposes Mondiali’ have taken place in a scenario iconic as Daytona, so that the presentation of this 488 Challenge has not been able to get in a better place. All in all, nor will be until 2017 when this model debut effectively in the cup-brand that organizes the brand of Maranello.


Although Ferrari has not given more information about this new
Ferrari 488 Challenge, it is logical to think that this model retains the DNA of
the production version of
and also of the version GT3 the Ferrari 488. This
it means that under its bonnet hides an engine Biturbo V8 3.9 liter with a
power is defined
, as in the version GT3 was limited to a few
550 horses by regulations, while in the variant GTE is used a
version of this engine with 4.0 liter displacement that yields between 485 and 500

The great advantage of the Ferrari 488 Challenge is that is
destined for a glass-brand organized by the Italian brand
, so that
the technical regulation is not as strict. In this way, it is likely that the 488
Challenge can offer an amount of power close to or identical to the 670 CV
of the road version
, although aerodynamic is a step behind of the variants GTE and GT3. Although each time the differences are minor,
the aerodynamic kit of the Ferrari 488 Challenge is more simple, especially in relation to a variant GTE that have at this point and in its lightness their greater vritudes.