The Ferrari 488 GT3 to dominate the 12 Hours of Abu Dhabi


Kessel Racing has added its second consecutive victory in the 12 Hours
Abu Dhabi
, a test that has been held in Yas Marina. With a
script dominator in the who has just left to lead a return to his greatest rival,
the Ferrari 488 GT3 #11 piloted by Davide Rigon, Michael Broniszewski and
Giacomo Piccini
has been imposed with an advantage of 1 minute and 19 seconds on
the also Ferrari 488 GT3 #88 team Dragon Racing. By stopping the domain
the GT3 Maranello, who has cornered four of the first five positions, the
Renault R. S. 01, GP Extreme has been cast in the third position.

The swiss team Kessel Racing team made good forecasts and
scored the fifth victory for Ferrari in the six editions that have been disputad
of this test. A freehold that also has been made extensible to the
category Pro-AM
since the triumph in this class has been for the Ferrari
488 GT3 #51 of AF Corse in which I have competed Thomas Flohr, Francesco
Castellacci and Andrea Rizzoli, the trio of riders also finished in the
fourth absolute position just ahead Ferrari #77, who has also given
victory for Kessel Racing in the class ‘Gentlemen

Although the 12 Hours of Abu Dhabi have been marked by
and the competition for Kessel Racing was minimal, just reduced
Lamborghini Hurricane GT3 of the team GDL Racing, and the aforementioned Renault
R. S. 01, GP Extreme, as a result of the void options presented in the Ligier JS
of being able to be at the height of the GT3, it is very likely that Álex Palou has
been very aware of the performance of the GT3 of the house of Maranello since
it is expected that Álex Palou can test a Ferrari 488 GT3 in the future