The Ferrari 488 GTB gets a new body kit designed by Rowen

Ferrari 488 GTB Rowen International

The Ferrari 488 GTB dress with the body kit designed by Rowen International.

When we speak of preparers japanese cars, the vast majority refer to a Liberty Walk or Rocket Bunny, however, there are many other preparers of japan that we must take into account the quality of their work and the packages of improvements offered to some of the supercars most interesting of times. One of them is Rowen International.

The preparer based in the country of the “rising sun” has unveiled her new body kit designed for the Ferrari 488 GTB. A full “bodykit” with which to make the supercar of Maranello, a model still more radical and less discreet. If it is a Ferrari you can be discreet. The result of ataviar the 488 GTB with this body kit carbon fiber meets the eye. Assumes a twist to your image.

having a look at the front of the Ferrari 488 GTB prepared by Rowen International, we find a new bumper, splitter, as well as a hood fitted. Following our tour of the exterior of the 488 GTB, if you look at their side, in addition to five-spoke wheels have been built a few skirts inspired by those used by the Ferrari 458 Speciale.

Ferrari 488 GTB Rowen International

Bumper, diffuser, rear or a new bonnet are some of the innovations that provides us with Rowen.

finally, in the behind has been added a small spoiler lip, a prominent chin spoiler and a new diffuser. Optionally, the coach allows us to equip an exhaust system custom.

are There any new developments in the (mechanical? I’m very much afraid that not. The preparer has not revealed details about it as well, we assume that, even with the new exhaust system custom offers the performance and figures of the – engine V8 3.9 liter with two turbos that lurks in the bowels of the Ferrari 488 GTB still counting with 670 HP and 760 Nm of maximum torque.

Thanks to this engine, the Ferrari 488 GTB can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 3 seconds and reach a top speed of 330 km/h. However, taking into account the radical body kit and the obvious change to the aerodynamic performance, it is possible that the above data may be modified.

Ferrari 488 GTB Rowen International

The preparer japanese has also introduced a new exhaust system custom.