The Ferrari 488 GTB of Misha Designs is simply spectacular

Ferrari 488 GTB preparado por Misha Designs

Among the car lovers there are three types of people. On one side are those who defend the car must remain forever as it was from series, on the other hand we have people who defend the dynamic enhancements but without resorting to noticeable cosmetic changes and, finally, the third type of person is one who performs significant cosmetic changes.

Typically the customer of a luxury model would rather be reserved and keep your brand-new car as we picked it up from the dealer, although if it is a sport, and usually your landlord is going to demand too much the various components of the same is something usual that happens for some workshop preparations, for example, to adjust suspensions and to improve the braking system, among many other possibilities.

But beware, there are also some who will purchase a Ferrari 488 GTB and decides that he deserves an authentic preparation, which vary greatly in their aesthetic and may also increase the performance of your propeller, that is to say, like their car will call even more attention. If that is your case, no let’s take a look at this preparation conducted by Misha Designs, who already has a lot of experience with high-end models.

Ferrari 488 GTB preparado por Misha Designs

This trainer specialized shows us two options, although none of them increase the performance of the V8 engine 3.9 biturbo the Ferrari 488 GTB, keeping the 670 HP and 760 Nm that generates source. In the first we will find new bumper, hood with air intakes, sideskirts and a rear diffuser, having been made all of these specific pieces in carbon fiber.

But Misha Designs has not wanted to stay there and for the most demanding has developed a kit much more aggressive receives the appellation Limited, and it is that claim that will only produce 20 preparations of this second alternative. Includes all the improvements from the previous package, adding a remarkable kit de ensanche increases at 7.5 cm the width of the car, while at the back we will see a prominent back spoiler that seems straight out of a video game by its forms and dimensions.