The Ferrari California T recall by risk of fuel leak

The owners of a California T not win for shockers. Throughout this year 800 customers in the u.s. have been called by the scandal of the airbags Takata. However in this occasion it has nothing to do with that topic, but 185 Ferrari California T have been called upon to review for a possible loss of fuel.


Ferrari North America has stalled the sale of the California T so that does not solve the problem

The units correspond to those manufactured between 8 September and 11 November of the same year. Almost two hundreds of vehicles which must move urgently by the workshops officers as presented a high risk of leakage of fuel in the interior of the cabin, which in turn increases the risk of fire.

Ferrari clarifies that it is a manufacturer’s defect, and that they are not to blame for the problem. However, it is a new focus of problems of the Ferrari California T, whose selling price is above the 167.000 dollars. drives Only american are affected by the problem, which will soon be remedied, although their sale has been stopped.

This decision should not cause any problem in the process of cleavage of the group FCA, its parent brand. The two Italian companies are in a critical time of the separation, negotiation has been in operation since the end of last year and expected to culminate in the year 2018.