The Ferrari engine: a calvary for Toro Rosso


James Key has had to face this season to a challenge,
it’s probably one of the biggest nightmares for a designer.
The rift between Red Bull and Renault led to that Toro Rosso should
look at other options as a supplier of engines, something that
finally materialised in the last quarter of 2015.

This led to James Key and his design team have only
two months to adapt the original design to the new engine Ferrari,
something that has compromised many areas of the car with this
season compete with Carlos Sainz and Daniil Kvyat.

“The fact is that we build the architecture of the car around
the installation of the thruster unit and is so complicated now,
there are so many problems. A car optimized is based on the
integration of the thrust unit”
, clarifies James Key in a
interview with Motorsport.

The british engineer account some of the issues that are
they found, as the excess weight, cooling, or processes
assembly more complex and long. “we Try to minimize the
impact of this, but inevitably there are side effects.
car was too heavy at the beginning of the year. We had some
problems with certain parameters of the cooling system. Many
other things were not optimal, we had to make assumptions in
some areas
. And that costs a lot of money also. Do it in as
a short time costs a lot of money”

When the time came to start the test, there were many
unknowns to be solved, as they had taken many decisions
commitment to the not be possible to come back with the design. There are
many things are hard to say even with the car already in
, you really know that is what is wrong with the car because you have
had to take previously some decisions of commitment”
recognizes Key.

2017, another story

With the confirmation of a new Renault engine in may, things
they are very different in the preparation of the car is
concerned, something even more important with the entry into force of the
new rules. To James Key, the difference with regard to 2016 is
huge, it is very difficult to describe how big it is. We are
really excited to know what engine we will use
. It was a
very difficult situation with this car (the 2016, with the
currently competes Toro Rosso). We were very late with the engine
Ferrari, you really didn’t have any information about the engine
Ferrari, so we joined with him in December and we discussed
things, it was extremely late”

we Try to to understand what makes a car go to be good at 2017

The summer break has arrived and, while all of the teams
begin to work on the car of the year following the beginning of
the spring, now is the time when most decide to devote all their
resources to the project of the season 2017. In the case of Toro Rosso,
Key thinks are progressing according to the planned deadlines. I Think that going
well, we go according to our program, although it can be
move depending on a few things that you are going to encounter. I know that
some go a little bit in a hurry with their cars, 2017
. It is very difficult to
to say that this what you’re wearing because you do not know what they are doing
other. One of the more complicated things is knowing what makes the
car work with a change of rules so brutal, it’s complicated
to say in these moments. At this time we are trying to understand
what is it that makes a car go to be good in 2017 and see how
we can get it”