The Ferrari Enzo steaming appears again for sale


One of the 4 Enzo original in color black.

In one of the auctions of the past to Monterey Car Week 2016 we are witnessing a fact of the most curious, as she approached the stage to be auctioned off, a copy of the black colour of the Ferrari Enzo began to release smoke from your engine bay, in full view of all the attendees, and a few meters away of the auction platform.

smoke appeared when an operator was trying to zoom in slowly the vehicle on the stand, and by which said witnesses, the smell that you could feel belonged to the clutch. What everyone assumed is that the probably inexperienced operator was not sufficiently sweet with the controls of the Italian model, however, the true cause was not to transcend.

That same issue’s as black as coal, that apodamos affectionately ‘Smoky Enzo’, is now listed for sale at a California dealer, Exotic Euro Cars, announces 3.400.000 $ , although not mentioned in all the step of the model for the auction of Mecum in Monterey. While it employs the same official photographs with the auction house american offered in its day, the Enzo.


Smoky Enzo, the Enzo “steaming” is in reality a magnificent example of the Enzo.

At the time, after the auction, culminating with a maximum bid of 2.15 million dollars, the Enzo did not have the poster sold in the official list of results of Mecum Auctions, which made us think that probably the buyer backed down, or that could arise another type of problem, such as not having reached the reserve price. The estimates pointed at him a value above the 2.5 million dollars.

we Understand that it is the same seller who has decided to be offered now in this establishment californian, where it shows a price high enough to be an Enzo, but this specimen has certain particularities.

This unit is of the 4 made in the source color finish black code Nero D. S. 120, one of which belongs to Jamiroquai’s Jay Kay. Shortly before the auction, the model had enjoyed a change of clutch and tire on one of their major services, during the past month of July.