The Ferrari F12 “GTO” will be very tacky, too much for a Ferrari?


Latest spy photos that have emerged on the internet of the most radical version of the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta, we get caught packing with bathing suits and carrying umbrellas and hammocks in the car. But today the world does not let engine. Some anticipated to be presented last week, and what we got instead was the presentation of the Ferrari 458 Spider. What if you can anticipate is since the most radical version of F12 , is called GTO or Speciale, will be presented at the end of 2015 . And apparently you will look you see in the picture above.

Ferrari F12 GTO: How about 650 units with 800 hp ?

The photograph, published in Portuguese Facebook group dedicated to the Prancing Horse, gives the impression that has been captured in the work of development of Ferrari, perhaps in Maranello. Obvious to enjoy a very agresiv design or, with vents in the rear wheel arches, an even more raw diffuser extensions low, vinylated body, and so forth. Its design fits with those apparently official digital recreations, we saw very low resolution a few weeks ago. Maybe too small to be tacky, but ultimately meet the expectations created by the Maranello, offer a highly differentiated and radical product.

Consider that your engine V12 power increase slightly . There is talk of at least 760 CV (some say even 800 hp). will be lighter and will have a more radical overhaul , closer to the philosophy of sports licensed street circuit.

We, meanwhile, will continue to close the case. I anticipate that in the coming weeks we will give a respite, which does not prevent you continue keeping informed today. And our holiday also involve work and productions of those that we know that you love, high-flying sports, idyllic and stories that I will be presenting in the coming weeks landscapes. We remind you that in the meantime, you can also take cognizance of what we are doing by following us on our social networks, Facebook and Twitter.

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Ferrari F12 GTO: How about 650 units with 800 hp ?

Good morning, are you the new Ferrari F12 GTO?

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