The Ferrari F12tdf made his debut at Mugello, and we see it in video

Ferrari F12tdf vídeoWhen Ferrari sets out to create an authentic sports of infarction does not beat with serious attitude. Thus was born the Ferrari F12tdf, a new version of the F12, a variant extreme able to make blush the most technological of the supercars. Just made its public debut, on the circuit of Mugello, and thus, it has been discovered before lovers Prancing horse video.

Ferrari wanted to prove the power of his new creature, and to this end has commissioned you to Vettel and Raikkonen that they put at its command to shout to the mass of tifossi that there are met. And the result is as spectacular as in image. You can’t miss that sound, nor the watermarks that are able to do the sports at the controls of the professional pilots.


To do something from memory, the Ferrari F12tdf owes its name to the Tour de France, a mythical race where once Ferrari was harvested titles with their racing cars. Has given rise to a sports extreme, probably the most extreme that has ever walked on the street with seal Ferrari in their entire history.

Despite the arrival of the turbo to the other models in the range, the F12tdf defends with a V12 maximum torque tightened up to 780 horses of power. But not everything is there. Ferrari has managed to lose weight your F12 until the 1.415 kg, a feather-weight to the potential of the engine catapult to the 100 km/h from standstill in only 2.9 seconds.

The body gives you away, and that is that Ferrari has set the F12tdf of a aerodynamic kit specific, with details as curious as the rear fins with gills. And it works, you just have to take a look at the video today we bring you to see how smoke comes out of the same when the pilots have to do spinning tops in the Mugello.

Source – Marchettino

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