The Ferrari FXX K goes for a walk in the Fiorano circuit


From the Ferrari Enzo launched in 2002, have become a tradition versions more radical intended for use in circuits that carry Double X in its name. The FXX K took a walk its 1050 hp for the Fiorano circuit.


Ferrari-FXX-K-video U ne of the latest creations of the house Maranello has been hunted as his own effected a test in Fiorano, Italy. This is the amazing Ferrari FXX K, which lets hear a video impressive symphony of V12 motor.

But that’s not all for the track variant LaFerrari , since in addition to aerodynamic additions give you a downforce that is 30 percent higher than the production model.

The Ferrari FXX K uses a hybrid powertrain based on your V12 engine that produces 860 hp, combined with an electric motor producing 190 hp other, what giving you a combined output of 1050 horsepower , with 900 Nm of torque, associated with a 7-speed transmission with double clutch.

Furthermore, the letter “K” in its name indicates that it has a system kers , which in this case is called HY-KERS and has four modes operation. But what matters is not these figures, but enjoy incredible sound of your V12.