The Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta live from Paris 2016

The LaFerrari Aperta at their booth in Paris 2016.

Finally, it has been in Paris where we have been able to see for the first time the new Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta, the version roadster of the spectacular hiperdeportivo hybrid Italian. This has been also the occasion in which the brand has unveiled finally as consisting of the production of this limited edition that, in principle, Ferrari only manufactured 209 copies the LaFerrari Aperta, a number quite strange, but has its explanation.

The firm of Maranello you are going to make 200 copies for sale, and other 9 additional that will be employed in a tour that the brand is going to perform all over the world. This tour will pass through 60 countries and will serve to celebrate the 70 years that the Italian brand will follow in the next year 2017.

The LaFerrari Aperta was without any doubt the star of the stand of the brand in the Paris Salon, eclipsing somewhat the only model that’s truly new, the Ferrari GTC4Lusso T, which introduces new mechanics, 8 cylinder super-charged and loses the all-wheel drive, which premiered at the Ferrari FF, the predecessor of the new GTC4Lusso.


Only 209 copies will be manufactured.

According to the brand, the open version of the LaFerrari has received the appropriate reinforcements in its frame so as not to lose torsional rigidity compared to the coupe version, this has meant a slight redesign of the doors of the model, we have a system of opening modified with respect to the original. Other than that, the new Ferrari open is technologically identical to the closed version, with the same mechanical platform hybrid composed by a 12-cylinder engine in V maximum power, which is further supported by the electric system Hy-Kers, in total, the combined power sum 963 horses.

For the comfort of the occupants and does not worsen the aerodynamics of the model, Ferrari has implemented a windbreak at the rear of the passenger compartment. In the same way, have had to redirect the flow of air from the radiators under the car to keep the hot air out into the passenger compartment open.

In terms of the roof of the vehicle, Ferrari will provide its clients a soft top as standard or an optional hard-top, made from carbon fibre. The 200 units that will be manufactured have already been sold, to customers related to the brand.