The Ferrari LaFerrari number 500 has reached an astronomical figure

Modo eléctrico de LaFerrari

Ferrari LaFerrari. One of those cars of the brand of the prancing horse will go down in history for being the car most prestacional and advanced of the market at the time of its launch, as well as remind other jewelry of the brand of Maranello as the Ferrari F40, the F50 or the Enzo, just to name just a few of the more recognized of the last few decades.

in Addition to the technology and the great advances to give a sporty feel and performance out of the ordinary, the Ferrari LaFerrari is also a car very unique, at the reach of very few purchasers. Its initial production version of the automobile closed, I was scheduled for only 499 units. After the terrible earthquake that shook the centre of Italy at the end of the month of August with more than 6 degrees, Ferrari decided to make one more unit for auction as a piece of charity and donate the proceeds to the people and families most affected.


In this way, Ferrari carried out the construction of the Ferrari LaFerrari number 500, maintaining the same mechanical performance that the other units, although differing mainly by the flag tricolore in the front. This unit went to auction this weekend (as I announced last week) in Florida. The price achieved has been astonishing, by multiplying by 5 the original price of the supercar Italian.

The hammer fell after 10 minutes of bidding and a final figure of $ 7 million, that is to say, more than 6.2 million euros. In this way, the unit 500’s supercar hybrid from Ferrari has become the drive of the LaFerrari more expensive sold at auction and, also, in the car of the century by the most paid at auction. We are glad that the car has reached such a price, as the Italian people affected in August will have more financial resources to get ahead.

Source – Motor1