The Ferrari of Cioci, Fisichella and Feather commands in Silverstone


The first day of competition of the 3 Hours of
Silverstone has left the Ferrari 488 GT3 #55 of Marco Cioci, James Calado and
Giancarlo Fisichella at the front
of the table of times after the 2:00.322 that has
marked britain’s James Calado in the central part of the session
pre-classification. just five thousandths has located the BMW #99 ROWE
, while the Mercedes #84 Eriksson, Buhk and Perera, one of the
favorites for the final victory in the tracing of English, has been third. Great
start of Dani Juncadella after placing the Mercedes #88 in which it competes in
fourth position

The second event of the Endurance Cup began

with a free in the that the car was faster
the Aston Martin Vantage #97 Al-Harthy and Adam
. The only GT3 in the signature
british, enrolled in the class Pro-Am Cup, couldn’t stop the time
2:00.510 of the hand of Jonny Adam. This time he was worth to the local rider to
overcome by four-tenths of the Mercedes-AMG GT3 #87 of Beaubelique, Bastian and
Gounon. Third party for its part has located Albert Costa at the controls of the Jaguar
G3 #14
. All in all, his time of 2:01.106 has stayed away from the times more
deposit of the Pre-Qualifying Session.

beyond the track output of Christian Krognes with the
BMW #35
in the final part of the first training, the day has been quite
clean and that has helped a good job for the Spanish riders. In fact,
the Nissan #23 Lucas Ordoñez was coming in eighth in the first session of free,
while Andy Soucek managed to bring the Bentley Continental GT3 #8 to the
thirteenth position
, just ahead of the Ferrari #55 that would end up being
the fastest vehicle of the day. For its part, the Lamborghini #63 that
defends leadership of the Blancpain GT Series started the day with a tenth


Almost all of the GT3 grill improved their
times in the pre-classification
. Among them all stood out the Ferrari #55
thanks to the 2:00.322 that left James Calado. Phillip Eng hq for the BMW #99 in
second position, while Franck Perera returned to demonstrate his great
gifts to a back
to position the Mercedes #84 in the third position. At least
two-tenths from the leader also moved the Mercedes #88 of Dani
Juncadella and the Mercedes #87 of Gounon, both belonging to the team
AKKA-ASP. behind both was the Ferrari #55 of Lathouras, Rugolo and
Pier Guidi
, which has already made a great show of speed in Monza.

The bulky spun off from Oliver Morley with the Mercedes
#16 in which it competes Miguel Toril
where the pre-classification by the end
two minutes before time, but that’s not marring the good start in Spanish. The fourth of Dani Juncadella addition to the ninth
position of the Nissan #23 Lucas Ordoñez -tenth in the combined times.
Miguel Molina has placed the Ferrari #72 in the twelfth position, while
the Bentley is #8 of Andy Soucek has been seventeenth. In the second session
of the day, Albert Costa could not pass the twenty-plaza after tracing nearly to the
thousandth time of the first free.

Combined free Endurance Cup 2017 at Silverstone

Pos. Pilots Car Time
1 Cioci / Fisichella / Draft Ferrari 488 GT3 Kaspersky 2:00:322
2nd Sims / Martin / Eng BMW M6 GT3 ROWE Racing 2:00.327
3rd Eriksson / Buhk / Perera Mercedes-AMG GT3 HTP Motorsport 2:00.426
4th Vautir / Serralles / Juncadella Mercedes-AMG GT3 AKKA-ASP 2.00.482
5th Al-Harthy / Adam Aston Martin Vantage GT3 Oman Racing 2:00.510
6th Beaubelique / Bastian / Gounon Mercedes-AMG GT3 AKKA-ASP 2:00.518
7th Lathouras / Rugolo / Pier Guidi Ferrari 488 GT3 Spirit of Race 2:00.569
8th Simmons / Moore / Parry Nissan GT-R NISMO GT3 RJN Motorsport 2:00.617
9th Caldarelli / Engelhart / Bortolotti Lamborghini Huracán GT3 GRT Grasser 2:00.632
10th Ordonez / Chiyo / Buncombe Nissan GT-R NISMO GT3 RJN Motorsport 2:00.692