The Ferrari of the dictator’s son


Ferrari 330 GT

In December of 1969 occurred in the capital in a serious accident with a Ferrari 330 GT involved. The journal Abc reported that in the early hours of the morning of the 17th the Ferrari with registration desk crashed against a Jaguar on the road to Burgos. In the Italian car was traveling Rafael Leónidas Trujillo, the son of the dictator of dominican. More commonly known as Ramfis Trujillo, he returned to his home of The Moral after a night of partying, although some sources suggest that he was heading to the airport. In the Jaguar traveled dona Teresa Bertrán de Lis and Pidal, duchess of Alburquerque.

Unfortunately, the duchess was the worst part, dying virtually in the act, and his son, who was wearing the college suffered serious injuries. Ramfis seemed to come out unscathed from the accident, he experienced some improvement in the following days, but your situation is complicated with a pneumonia and ended up died in the early hours of the day 28.

Trujillo Jr. he came to Spain in 1963, after being killed by his father in 1961, a result of the atrocities committed in his country (Vargas-Llosa describes it to perfection in “The feast of the Goat”). Due to the pressures, both internal and international, were forced into exile at the end of 1961. The Trujillo the complete first fled to the Island of Guadeloupe and then to France, to end in Madrid.


Ramfis Trujillo and his wife, the actress Lita Milan

The widow of Ramfis Trujillo, Lita Milan, he enjoyed the inheritance for more than five decades, wasting all the fortune.

In the capital Ramfis was devoted to the good life. He founded some companies and continued with his extravagant style of life, which included pastimes such as flying a plane or driving sports cars. Passions that he shared with his friend -and protected from his father- Porfirio Rubirosa, the famous playboy who was killed in the crash your Ferrari 250 GT against a tree in the champs-Elysées in Paris in 1965.

it Seems that Ramfis had already had other accidents with other cars of the brand; in some media it was mentioned that two years before, and with a Ferrari 365 California (only 14 units) suffered an accident in which died his companion, a female of course. Guys like him are not of those who die on a scaffold.

The Ferrari 330 Trujillo (chassis number 9151) has been kept in Spain during all these years. Had on the scoreboard with 11,000 km and in 2013 was the sale exactly as it was after the accident.


State of the Ferrari of Trujillo when it went on sale in 2013