The fever of the Pokémon GO comes to the Nürburgring (with video)

Pokémon GO NürburgringToday is a great day for the fans of Pokémon GO in Spain. Today saw the launch of the popular application form officer in our country. From now on it will not be difficult to find people out in the streets looking for and capturing Pokémon through the screens of their smartphones. I must say that previously the Pokémon GO was already available in other countries and so comes this funny video.

When your hobbies are the world engine and the newly launched application, canwhat is the best site to search for Pokémon? As for this fan of the name Boosted Boris, the chosen place is the Nürburgring. Apparently in the ‘Green Hell’ there are also loose some of these bugs. And what better way to capture that from inside a BMW M3, one of the units serving as a Ring Taxi.

at least the protagonist of the video is a good example and not you’re driving and using the mobile at the same time. Since lately we are knowing news of some incidents thrown off playing the Pokémon GO. Boris is going finding themselves with multiple Pokémon through the demanding path and even gets captured. In addition you are happy in the vehicle, which has baptized as “Pokétaxi”.

despite what funny video and the combination form Pokémon GO, and the Nürburgring, does not seem to us the most suitable place where to play. We can see as other vehicles passed, the BMW M3 Ring Taxi, that seems to go for a ride and the most outstanding of the Pokémon of his co-pilot. In any case, what is clear is that the fever of the Pokémon GO is gripping each time, more and more people in all the world.

Source – Youtube