The FIA begins its plan to introduce engines cheap in F1


In a statement, the International Federation of motor Racing has left his intentions clear from to start the query process to find suppliers that produce independent motors and cheaper than the current.

The idea is to introduce a new propellant cheaper and that comes from a supplier-independent for the smaller teams to be able to use it from 2017. In that sense, the FIA has initiated a consultation process to assess the interest of the hypothetical manufacturers.

Currently, the thruster units have a approximate cost of 25 million euros per season, a figure which to many teams of the current grill is costing a lot to assume.

“The FIA has decided to initiate a consultation between the engine manufacturers to develop an idea of engine alternative for the competitors participating in the championships of 2017, 2018 and 2019. The FIA calls to potential interested parties that want to become suppliers of exclusive of these alternative engines”.

The deadline to formalize the interest is the 23 of November and candidates will be expected to provide economic data, technical capacity and a proposed timetable to be followed in the event of being elected.