The FIA clarified a query from Red Bull on the oil and the fuel


no one will deny that a large part of the success of Mercedes during the last three season lies not only in the excellent performance of his car, but in the ability of their cars have had to get extra performance when needed. Until recently, this situation had been attributed to the aggressive maps engine that drives power of the mark of the germans could bring, and to a conservatism by his advantage over the rest until they had to show the cards. Also, had you considered the possibility that Mercedes uses special additives in the gasoline for that purpose.

however, in the Red Bull managed a theory something more controversial. According to Motorsport, the team of austria, the main opposition to Mercedes in 2014 and 2016, believes that the cars of Mercedes could have ‘consumed’ a certain remaining quantity of engine oil as a fuel, something that is forbidden in the regulations. The theory of Red Bull is based on the chances of the oil being ‘sucked’ by the engine have increased since the advent of the power units in 2014, especially in the crankcase, and vents inside the motor, referred to in.

therefore, the team of austria studied the issue at the technical level in winter, and even raised a query to the FIA to clarify the position of the peak body in this regard. It has responded, as Red Bull had played, the oil could not be used as fuel under any circumstances, but can not rule out the possibility that the power units, due to its configuration, should support a certain amount of oil ends up in the combustion chamber.

To that query, according to the information, Mercedes has denied any illegality with the oil and have been offered to impose a limit of 5 kilos in their use, but this approach would have been dismissed on the ground that the amount you could be using would be in that margin. This chapter does not cease to be one of the many attempts of confrontation within the war techniques that the teams fought before the start of the season, although their implications, since the two teams are powerful at the beginning of a change of regulation, are of great calibre.