The FIA clarifies the reasons why Bottas was not penalized


The output of Valtteri Bottas caused much controversy among the rest of competitors. It is not surprising, because the Mercedes achieved a reaction to the light at just 201 thousandths of a second, something almost on the border of what is human.

During the course of the laps, the performance showed a header in which confirmed that they had noticed a possible torn before time Finnish, but everything was in an anecdote when something later confirmed that there was no reason to sanction you. This situation has led to that put in question the procedure through which to find out if an output is legal or not, but the FIA has given the face to clear it all up.

“The control system output judged whether a car has moved a distance legal or not, between the time of lights the last red light and when it turned off all”, stated a spokesman for the agency that regulates this sport. “We have seen the need to allow very slight movements, as the pilots sometimes need to adjust the clutch to prepare the output”.

On the formation lap, the members of the grill make tests with the clutch, to fit as much as possible to its actual output, only a turn after. Having a system that was too sensitive, the pilots could not test this function, hence it has a minimum of tour is allowed in this case.

This system carries 20 years in operation, and has proven to be extremely reliable

The FIA ensures that “this system, which depends directly from the official times provided by the Formula 1, it takes 20 years in operation, and has proven to be extremely reliable in cases as well”. The fact that it is a mechanism with many years in the competition demonstrates its veracity, since this is not a new device that can fail to the minimum. “In the case of today, Valtteri Bottas not exceeded the tiny limit before creating the output. In a few words: it took a decision exceptionally precise and haphazard, anticipating the moment that the lights went out with a lot of precision”.

Sebastian Vettel continued to deny, even once inside the press room at the end of the race, that I thought Bottas had reacted within the law. However, the standards give you the reason to Valtteri, because “any movement prior to the time in which the lights go out was within the allowed limit”.