The FIA closes the case of Azerbaijan, after the apology of Vettel


This Monday, the FIA had taken the decision to meet in Paris to discuss more in depth the now infamous incident between Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel in the Grand Prix of Azerbaijan. In this race, the German rider was penalised with a Stop & Go of 10 seconds by collide intentionally with Hamilton during the period of the Safety Car. Despite this, the negative image of the incident, which Vettel finished ahead of Hamilton, after the problems with the headrest, and the fact that the German was reinicidente after your insults to Charlie Whiting at the Grand Prix of Mexico last year moved to consider additional sanctions.

however, the matter has been settled today, without regard to more sanctions than the one already imposed on your time. It has been decided by Jean Todt, according to the statement which the FIA has issued this afternoon. In it, he says that Vettel, who had been summoned to the meeting, was presented and discussed the incident. After that, he admitted his full responsibility in what happened, presented his “sincere” apologies and promised to participate in various activities and championships of the FIA.

With all of this, Todt, who has accepted the apologies of German and their willingness to reduce the negative impact that this could lead to the FIA, was warned by a German of that other incident which is detrimental to the image of the sport would be treated in the most severe form. This is the full text of the statement issued by the governing body of motor sports:

“After an incident in the recent Grand Prix of Azerbaijan, which involved a collision between Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton, and Sebastian Vettel was invited to a meeting at the general headquarters of the FIA in Paris. He was accompanied by his team boss, Maurizio Arrivabene. Reviewed the incident along with a panel composed by Graham Stoker, Chairman of the FIA for Sport; Peter Bayer, General Secretary of the FIA for Sport; Charlie Whiting, Race Director of the Formula 1 World championship, and Laurent Mekies, Director of Career Functions in the World of Formula 1 and Director of Security of the FIA.

During the Grand Prix of Azerbaijan, the commissioners, who regulated the event imposed a penalty of a stop & go of 10 seconds to Sebastian Vettel, the more severe sanction before showing black flag to the pilot. Sebastian Vettel also received a three point penalty on your Superlicencia of the AIF, bringing the total to nine.

however, and respecting the decision of the stewards, the FIA remained deeply concerned by the broad implications of the incident, first through the impact that such behavior could have on the fans and the young competitors from all over the world and, second, because of the damage such behavior could cause to the image of the FIA and the reputation of the sport.

After a detailed discussion, and a thorough examination of the video and the details of the incident, Sebastian Vettel admitted a total liability. He extended his sincere apologies to the FIA and to the wide family of motorsport. In addition, he promised to devote his personal time in the next 12 months educational activities at various events and FIA championships, including the Formula 2, the european championship of Formula 3, a championship of Formula 4 by determine and a seminar for commissioners of the FIA. Because of this incident, president Jean Todt has ordered that no activities of road safety should be backed up by Sebastian Vettel until the end of this year.

The FIA has in mind the commitment and apology staff of Sebastian Vettel, and his promise to make a public apology. The FIA also takes into account that the Scuderia Ferrari is aligned with the values and objectives of the AIF. Before these events, president Jean Todt has decided that, on this occasion, the matter should be closed.

however, taking into account the severity of the violation and its potential negative consequences, the president Todt has made it clear that, if there was any repetition of such behaviour, the matter would be immediately trasladad to the International Tribunal of the FIA for further investigation.

with Respect to what had been concluded at today’s meeting, Jean Todt, has said: “The sport at the highest level is an intense environment in which tempers put heat. However, it is the duty of the great athletes of the meet that pressure with calm, and behave in a way that not only respects the rules of the sport, if you do not fit the high status they enjoy. Athletes must be aware of the impact their behavior can have on those who they admire. They are heroes and role models for millions of fans, and should behave accordingly”.