The FIA could introduce engines cheaper to the Formula 1

Through a press release, the FIA has announced its intention to initiate a consultation process that make engines cheaper for the F1, using the income of suppliers independent.

FIALintended the International Federation of motor Racing aims to achieve supplier independent to produce engines for Formula 1, which are cheaper than current. To do this initiated a process of consultation to gauge the interest of independent manufacturers.

The idea is that the teams most guys can get access to the propellant supplied by these manufacturers, at a lower price than the current, which would allow teams to more modest to make use of them from the season 2017.

Is that the teams most guys find it very difficult to assume the approximate cost of 25 million euros per season demanded current. In case of reaching an agreement, these alternative engines would be available for the seasons 2017, 2018 and 2019. Prospective candidates should present their proposals to the FIA, where you should state the technical capabilities and economic data, as well as a proposal concerning availability.